Tuesday, May 25, 2010


May 25, 2010
posted today:May 26.

It's a great day,a happy day. I am feeling
so excited as i started this day. I know that something
AWESOME will happen.I am expecting that
and my expectations didn't fall.
The awesome thing had happened.
As i wake up every morning I am use to read
text messages on my phone.
On that day, my mom just texted me.
She is asking for something.
Seeing it important, I asked my sister if
she have received the same message from my mom
but unfortunately she did not.
Instead of going down, i gave her my phone
and told her to read my mom's message.
After reading the message she began to prepare the
stuffs my mom was asking and then she went through.
I feel hungry.It's already 12noon
so I prepared my breakfast (during lunch time).
While eating, I am thinking of someone,my special one.
I turned on the computer and start surfing.
I saw her online and we start to exchange messages.
I feel so contented for that day. That's the AWESOME thing.


It is 10:00 in the evening,
time for watching one of my favorite kapamilya program.
Pinoy Big Brother (PBB).
Something is happening inside the house.
I think it's a complicated night for the housemates.
A wall is building up between the pinoy and the international housemates.
I don't wanna go further about it
but I can relate even though we ave different situations.

We really don't know who can be consider as true friends.
Everyone can play the "plastic" role if they want.
We use to trust them easily because we know that they are trustworthy.
But I think we should know them well.
It's not about the time that we have been through.
But it's about the care, the trust and the respect that we should see
and feel.
And I think I've lost it.
I don't care if they are feeling the same.
I know what i did and found nothing wrong.
FRIENDShIP is for all.
Everyone deserves it and I know that I should have friends.
No one can control my feelings and emotions only GOD.
I want to have additional friends and I have no idea of cutting out my friendship with them I just want to have more of them.
They are the one who let go of our friendship.
I still consider them my friends.No hard feelings for them.
God knows everything about it, about me.
I just spoke for it. :)

God is our bestfriend.!

~ariescasauay :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


leche talaga. imba!


Monday, May 10, 2010

12 noon ~chat.chat.chat.

ayon.punta na church.kelangan tumulong.
pra kai Bro.Eddie at sa Diyos at bayan.
kpagod pero masarap sa pakiramdam.

pagtapos ng mga gawain.
guitar sessions with bro.yam and kuya mike.
an lulupet.imba. :D

tapos punta pedro e diaz hiskul para tulungan si bro.elmer gonzales
dalawa lng kme ni lie.hahaha
kapagod.sa kasamaang plad.napagtripan pa ng bading.biruin nio hiningi number ko.
scenario: bading~kua anung oras na?
ako:(naglabas ng cellphone)
bading: kua pde mhinge number mo?
ako: (nagbigay ng number pero imbento lang)
bading: anu name mo kua?
ako: ako nga pla si JOEY!. (sabay takbo)
imba.bading pa amp.

GiGI.tas overnyt sa church tas uwian na.

ayun lmang. :D


Friday, May 7, 2010

jackpot! :D


mukang swerte pa rin ang pagiintay
ilang minuto pa lang ang nakalipas.
ayun.online na siya. yahoo.
mahusay si Lord.

chatchat na.
kahit di na kumaen

un lang tama na to.
imba. :D

~aring.swerte pa din.

Maling tsamba :P

8:00 am dito
5:00 pm na dun

sayang di ko inabutan.
hirap ehh.sana next try maabutan ko na.
aagahan ko pa.pati ang pagiintay.
I know that it will it take time.much time.
but i know that waiting is not a movement from something
to nothing.It's something to something more.
7 months? wala yan.hahahaha.and after that month.mlamng years na.hahaha
kia pa yan. I can do it yeah yeah.

pde na to.
nagiimprove na mga blogs ko.
ayos ba?

mai mkabasa kia nito.
i hope so.
sana siya ang una.
pra gigi na.

ayun lamang po.

~aring casuray!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

first time.first blog :D

ngayon lang ako nakagawa nito.hahahahaha
natripan lng magblog.haha

wala pa halos isang araw.nangungulila na ko.
T.T. sana sia ay ok lng.

Aantayin kita.

un lang. :D

sana mabasa mo. ting! :D